Serenade 13
excerpt of Serenade 13, video & sound, 05:20 min.
link to the full Serenade 13 video

In Chongqing, mostly older women are creating and dancing so-called square dances in public space. Usually at night they dance to loud popmusic self-choreographed dances. 

To regulate square dancing, the General Administration of Sport of China and the Ministry of Culture has mapped out rules stating where seniors can dance and how loud their music can be. Twelve officially choreographed square dance steps have also been released, which are accompanied by popular songs, such as Little Apple, China is Beautiful and The Most Dazzling Folk Style.

I asked a group of dancers from Chongqing to dance to Serenade 13, a little night music. The serenade denoted originally an amusing and entertaining tone. At full volume, the group of dancers danced a dance they specially designed for Serenade 13, a little nightmusic by Mozart.

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